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Below are links that you may wish to look at but that we feel are not as up-to-date or as user-friendly as those on the homepage.

Univ. of Maryland web page

30% Recommended

Military Hop Links

Web page with a bunch of links run by a Reservist named Doug Oard. There is a bunch of good info here, but by his own admission it is less detailed and up-to-date than it once was. For an interesting look at how the web has evolved, check out Doug's original Space-A page from ten years ago.


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30% Recommended

Generic Military Community Information

Website dedicated to helping military families relocate. There is a bunch of good info here but it is not specifically Space Available Travel related (although these are the destinations for most people traveling on military aircraft).

Coast Guard Flight Regulations

20% Recommended

Coast Guard Space-A Regulations (PDF Format)

In case you can make use of the USCG transports-- the regulations are different since the Coast Guard is part of the Department of Homeland Security. COMDTINST M3710.1E

Mil/Vet's Travel Planner

20% Recommended

Military / Veteran's Travel Planner

This website run by Ed Prifogle has a LOT of good information. While we like the fact that the information is all "de-jargonized" we also find that its formatting is very difficult to work through. A few hours work by a professional website developer could make this an important addition to the Space-A web community.

Globemaster Links

10% Recommended

U.S. Military Aviation Links

Web site based in Germany. Lots of Military Hop links but no original information nor any listing of what the links will tell you.

Space-A Travel Guide

An order form for the guidebook "Worldwide Space-A Travel Handbook." Have never read it so can make no recommendation. Others tout it very highly.

Space-A Links

Unfortunately the Unofficial Site by Col. Roy Buckman (one of the "Three Amigos" of the Unofficial Military Hop Community) has run into trouble since his recent death and for now we are not recommending it as a source of information. We hope that the problems can be solved and will keep the following text as a reminder of what the site was under his leadership:

"There is a bunch of good info here, particularly on the individual terminals (email, phone numbers, sign-up requirements) as well as any special rules that each terminal may have. Also has a way to sign up for multiple terminals at once. Very current."

Space Available Travel Guides

We have found that Military Living's various travel guides are the most complete and up-to-date that you will find anywhere-- especially their "Space-A Air Opportunities Around the World." While their guides are not on the web, you can order them at their website or by calling them at (703)-237-0203. Their publications can also be found in most military Exchanges.



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 Updated 08 JULY 2008